post hurricane MARIA repairs on schools

After the passage of hurricane Maria, our priority was to repair our schools  a.s.a.p so that the education of our children could continue.

Here are a few pictures of  before and after.

CHS roof in progress April 2018

Repairs to Convent High School

CHS temp roof complete April 2018

Convent Prep damaged roof after MARIA

Damage to Convent Prep


P1250535 SMP

damage to St. Mary’s primary




Damage to St John school in Portsmouth 2017

hurricane Maria damage to St. john’s Primary at Portsmouth 



Our Lady of Fatima church in Newtown repaired post Maria

P1260588 Fatima church (13)

damage to the roof of the church in Newtown


20170923_112425 FATIMA

interior view of the damage to the roof and ceiling Sept 2017

FATIMA church repairedP1270889

roof repairs completed Dec 2018

Fatima ceiling repaired Dec 2018

ceiling repairs completed Dec 2018

Fatima ceiling painted Dec 2018P1270904

painting of ceiling after repairs Dec 2018