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RECONSTRUCTION of the St. Andrew’s church in Vieille Case

RECONSTRUCTION of the St. Andrew’s church in Vieille Case

Timeline :

8.08.2007   groundbreaking ceremony groundbreaking St Andrews large print

August to Dec. 2007 : excavation, foundation work, floor slab

20.11.2007 placing of the memorial plaqueVieille Case cornerstone Dec 2007

Jan. 2007 – Aug. 2008 walls and ring beams are constructed

Oct 2008 092

St. Andrew 26 Nov 2008

30.11.2008 newly covered building used for Parish Feast of St. Andrew  nov 2008 303

Jan. 2009 – June 2010 : install windows, plaster walls

Oct 2009 425

Nov 2009 073

July 2011 – Dec 2012 : doors, painting, ceiling works

January 2013 :final touches before Blessing of the Church

febr 2013 001

New altar ready to be installedfebr 2013 005

tabernacle and stand donated by the Sorhaindo family

febr 2013 027

January 29, 2013, the Consecration of the new church and the new Altar.

febr 2013 020Blessing St Andrew' s church in vieille Case Jan 30 2013 Stitched_001

DEC 2013 178

Picture of St. Dominic and flowers around Our Lady

The newly re- dedicated St. Dominic chapel in Atkinson

On July 13, 2012.

design and supervison by Bernard Lauwyck

design and supervison by Bernard Lauwyck


I am dedicating this short article to all the Catholics of St. Dominic chapel in Atkinson, who have worked tirelessly to bring their dilapidated chapel to the present beautiful Place of Worship.

This project, called the enlargement and renovation of the Atkinson chapel, took (7) seven years, a sacred period. Faith, perseverance, patience are words inscribed in these walls. Blood, sweat and even hardships !   IMG_1223

Despite a major lack of funds, this faith community continued to follow my master plan, a design and a 14 steps renovation plan of action.

The project was started with widening the chapel with 8 feet and the installation of a new roof structure and covering. This was done with a grant of Propagation of the Faith. Next were new windows and doors with a grant from Adveniat or the German Catholic Bishops’ Conference. Food for the Poor donated plywood for the ceiling free of charge. They also donated at a later date timber posts for the pews.

Then funds dried up and were no longer available.

But the people spirit was indestructible and indomitable.

Despite a lack of parish priest in the parish for long periods, the project moved forward. It was initiated by Rev. Fr. Sharplis , designed by me, started under Rev. Fr. Jacobs, continued by Monsignor John Lewis, administrator Nurse H. Thomas and finally completed under the present Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Elveau.                      I also recognize Sr. Pat’s (ICM Sisters) great contribution.

When the grants were exhausted, no effort from the local parishioners was too great, no donation in kind too small. Galba trees were donated, these were dried for 6 months and then boards were made, installed, varnished. Tiles and so many other items were donated by parishioners. Work was done for free. I just had to provide assistance and guidance. And when I fell sick, the project still went on till completed.

I can not single out persons to thank, there are too many names to call, too many I carry with me in my heart.

The driving back from many meetings over the years, at night, were very lonely journeys, but my heart was warmed by the spirit demonstrated in the Atkinson meetings. Meeting them was like a homecoming.

I just want to say that it was a privilege and honour to be part of this “building Church together” effort.      IT WAS SEVEN YEARS WELL SPENT!

Atkinson showed the way, many will follow, if just given the chance and guidance.

Bernard Lauwyck , Diocesan Engineer


“The singers were accompanied in perfect harmony by trumpets, cymbals, and other instruments, as they praised the Lord singing: Praise the Lord, because he is good, And his love is eternal. As the priests were leaving the Temple, it was suddenly filled with a cloud shining with the dazzling light of the Lord’s presence, and they could not continue the service of worship.” 2 Chronicles 5:10

Blow trumpets and horns, and shout for joy to the Lord, our king.” Psalm 98:5-7

you are to gather for worship, and no work is to be done. On that day trumpets are to be blown.” Numbers 29:1-3

design presented to congregation at the beginning of the project in 2005

design presented to congregation at the beginning of the project in 2005

On the Lord’s day the Spirit took control of me, and I heard a loud voice, that sounded like a trumpet, speaking behind me. Revelation 1:9-11