This website is about our beautiful catholic churches and chapels in Dominica

bl-2013More and more I see the need to share the beautiful work that was done in designing and building catholic churches and chapels in Dominica.    As we are more mobile these days,  I urge you to visits our beautiful churches and chapels when  able.  For the ones overseas this website will be a good introduction to what Dominica has to offer.

These posts will keep you informed about the old, the new and the ones in progress.

Regular progress reports will be published on this website or blog on your favourite church project.

MORE ARTICLES ON THE ROSEAU CATHEDRAL on http://www.avirtualdominica.com/project/the-roseau-cathedral/

Bernard Lauwyck


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Jan van Wezer

    Congratulations with an attractive site on your nation’s churches.
    We have been staying at Fort Young, Roseau in March and planned to attend Sunday Mass at the cathedral. We walked up to the cathedral on Saturday evening, only to learn that it was closed for restauration. Unfortunately there was no redirection to an alternative Roman Catholic Church.
    God bless you, Happy Easter,

    Jan van Wezer

    1. Philip

      Can you do an article on the St Alphonsus Church, from the original church to the present one. Who designed the present one, etc, many of us don’t know how the old church looked.

  2. Fr. Christian Pineau FMI


    Thanks so much for these pictures of so many churches being reconstructed, embellished, in Dominica. I look at them with much emotion. They are so beautiful. Congrats to you the engineer/designer. You did a marvellous job. To God be the glory and to you our heartfelt thanks,and God’s blessings.

    From an ex-assistant priest in VC in the time of Fr Georges Guillet and Vrignaud.

    Rev. fr. Christian PINEAU FMI


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