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DEDICATION of the new chapel at Calibishie, July 2, 2017

by Bernard Lauwyck

reworked Calibishie Dedication SAM_4158 (2)The chapel in Calibishie was dedicated and solemnly blessed on July 2, 2017  by Bishop Gabriel Malzaire .                                     Its patrons are Sts Peter and Paul.

reworked Calibishie sanctuary SAM_4054 (2)


This new place of worship replaces the previous building which was severely damaged by Hurricane Dean in 2007.

The sanctuary furniture was donated by the Joseph family from Calibishie through the initiative of Mr. Simeon Joseph. Countless people and several organisations made contributions to the construction of this chapel.

This was a community project which was started by Fr. Celsus Auguiste, built when Fr. Conan Shillingford was parish priest and  blessed during the administration of Deacan Alvin Knight.

I personally spent countless hours at Calibishie , day and nighttime, to move this project forward.

The Main contractor was Ronald Bedneau.

A lot of work was done by local free labour, coud-de-main.  We need to commend the parishioners of Our Lady of La Soie and especially the ones at Calibishie for their untiring efforts and devotion.




Calibishie chapel Sept 2015

Coloured windows include representations of the patron saints Sts Paul and Peter and THE DIVINE MERCY of Christ.

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The artist Mr.  Caesar Catin  did an excellent job on the painting of the mural with angels adoring the Blessed Sacrament.P1130600





My dream, design and proposal became reality by the persistence of Fr. Conan Shillingford.
This is the kind of artwork we need in our churches and chapels.P1130599

The chapel under construction in CALIBISHIE update Sept 2014

Artist Caesar CATIN at Calibishie chapel Sept 2014

Artist Caesar CATIN at Calibishie chapel Sept 2014


Since the destruction caused by hurricane DEAN in 2007, the Catholics in Calibishie have been without a proper Place of Worship.

They are like the Israelites wandering in the desert.  First they were allowed to use the government school for Sunday Mass. This was declared unsafe  some time ago. Then they move to a former disco in expectation that their new chapel would be built.  Design Calibishie chapel








In August 2012, after much fundraising, delays and prayers, the new chapel was finally started.

In January 2013, several days of voluntary labour (cou-de-main) completed the concrete floor and the walls.

As soon they were able, the people moved in and Sunday Eucharist celebrations has now been taken place in the unfinished chapel building.Eucharistic celebration in unfinished chapel in CALIBISHIE

Holy Mass in chapel under construction in Calibishie
Holy Mass in chapel under construction in Calibishie












We admire the dedication , patience and determination of the Catholics in Calibishie.