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destruction by hurricane MARIA on September 18, 2017

Hurricane Maria, a superior category 5 hurricane, devastated Dominica on September 18, 2017.

The following churches and chapels were severely affected :

  • St. Patrick’s church at Grandbay
  • Holy Trinity chapel at Bagatelle
  • Epiphany chapel at Pichelin
  • Holy Spirit chapel at loubiere
  • Sacred heart church at La Roche
  • Good Shepherd chapel in CONCORD
  • Our Lady of Martyrs chapel at Mahaut River

I am creating a link named ” destroyed by hurricane MARIA 2017″

Destroyed Grandbay church Oct 2017

d cracked bell tower at Grandbay Jan 2018


destroyed Grand bay church

destroyed chapel at Bagatelle

Bagatelle chapel post hurricane Maria

destroyed pichelin chapel



destruction of Sacred Heart chapel in LA Roche, by hurricane MARIA on September 18, 2017






CONCORD chapel destroyed September 2017






destroyed Loubiere Chapel September 2017

The chapel at MAHAUT RIVER below

P1240715 MAHAUT RIVER damage MARIA 2017

constructed by Bernard Lauwyck and Fr. Jean Guéry FMI

constructed by Fr. Jean Guéry FMI and Roy Tyson



It is difficult to present an interior  picture of the MAHAUT RIVER chapel, dedicated to Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs, AS IT HAS THE SHAPE OF AN OCTAGON.

Bishop Edward GILBERRT, Fr. Vanty, Fr. Jean Guéry

Bishop Edward GILBERT, Fr. Vanty, Fr. Jean Guéry

The chapel was Solemnly Blessed by His Lordship Bishop Edward Gilbert on February 19, 1995. OUR LADY OF MARTYRS CHAPEL AT MAHAUT RIVER 1995


One mural has the “Our Father”  in the Kalinago language.

I urge you to pay a visit and admire the beautiful murals created by local artist Faustulus .

mural at Mahaut River chapel

mural at Mahaut River chapel