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THE CHURCH, dedicated to St. Theresa of Lisieux, in SALISBURY

Stained Glass above the Main Altar in the sanctuary

St. Therese SGW

This church was solemnly blessed and dedicated to St.Theresa of Lisieux in 1929.

IMG_1417It is a beautiful building, constructed in local quarried porous red-colored stone with a timber roof structure, covered with corrugated galvanized steel sheets.
In the words of the late Bishop James Moris in his history of the Diocese of Roseau : “The church was constructed with splendid materials, graceful proportions and exquisite beauty”      The building is one of the few cross-shaped (cruciform) churches in the Diocese of Roseau.

The original windows of the 1930’s church had to be replaced by Monsignor Eustace Thomas with durable aluminium windows in 1990.   Monsignor also set the new roofing project in motion. Fundraising continued under Rev. Fr. Elveau and the new roof was installed under Fr. Paul in 2006.   The Parish installed ceramic tiles shortly after the roof was completed. At that time, there was no resident priest.

When the newly ordained priest Fr. Nigel Karam was appointed Parish Priest of St. Theresa, he identified a ceiling as the most pressing need.  It was impossible to have ceremonies in the church, during heavy rains as the sound of the raindrops on the galvanised roof was deafening.

Fr. Nigel Karam  brought me a photograph of the type of ceiling he wanted and my team started the design.

large flower motif carved out of CEDAR wood

large flower motif carved out of CEDAR wood

A main feature was the flower motif,

as St. Theresa is referred as “the little flower”.


After funding and materials were secured , the first part of the ceiling was completed in 2010,  as you can see below.

The nave was completed in June 2012.

I want to express my gratitude to Fr. Nigel Karam to allow us to design, built and install a beautiful ceiling in this most beautiful church in Dominica

March 2010 110

design by Bernard and Gale LAUWYCK, workmanship by Anthony JOSEPH and Ronald JOSEPH
design by Bernard and Gale LAUWYCK, workmanship by Anthony JOSEPH and Ronald JOSEPH
completed ceiling

completed ceiling