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update on the new church in Portsmouth Dec 2015

The church is painted .

November 2015 099

The next phase is windows and doors.

November 2015 108


The chapel in BOETICA, dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi

by Bernard Lauwyck

As BOETICA and DELICES/ LA ROCHE/ VICTORIA is now cut of from the rest of Dominica, I wanted to highlight the beautiful church/ chapel in that area.

DECC 2015 117 (2)

First The chapel in Boetica, which was renovated in 2012 by Fr. Louis Vrignaud FMI and Mr. Beaupierre, contractor.    I had the privilege to redesign the roof and introduced a curved ceiling.         The re- orientation of sanctuary was also done at that time. Have a look if you like the result.

interior of Boetica chapel

interior of Boetica chapel

new roof under construction in 2012

new roof under construction in 2012